The Bird and the Bee

Podcast: The Bird And The Bee

Two short plays which tell the same story, but from a different viewpoint - ThreeWeeks meets the playwrights

'The Bird' and 'The Bee' are two new plays that tell the story of Chloe and Jacob, teenagers who meet online only to end their lives. ThreeWeeks met with the writers behind this production - Royal Exchange Bruntwood Award winner Matt Hartley and double Sunday Times Playwriting Award and ThreeWeeks Editors' Award winner Al Smith - to find out more about their inspirations, their thoughts on the perceived rise in teenage suicide, and why they needed to keep their plays light hearted.

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"It's not spoiling anything to reveal that The Bird and the Bee ends in the deaths of its teenage protagonists: the outcome is slapped all over the publicity for this engrossing double bill. Even so, it would be possible to watch the two plays and never accept that Jacob and Chloe will commit suicide. Surely the joyful hug the youngsters share at the close of The Bee signals the start of a carefree romance? As in real life, where teenage suicides seem unfathomable and unacceptable, it's hard to avoid wishful thinking."

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