The following is stolen from Rage Against the Page It seems a pretty cool blog to me so maybe you'll go and have a look....

  • Alexander's Screenwriting Blog (Greek) — The most comprehensive list of screenwriting blogs ever. Left-hand column. I suspect Alexander tracks every screenwriter on the net. All scribes check for a hidden transmitter under your car bumper NOW.
  • Box Office Mojo — All Time Box Office Lists
  • Fun Joel — He's got links to every other screenwriting resource you could possibly want. Steal 'em all then blame it on THAT guy.
  • Go Into The Story — Screenwriter and instructor Scott Myers' young son urged his father to 'go into the story and find the animals.' Scott also found Lincoln's hat, a Pokemon, and Tara Reid's self esteem.
  • Guernse6's Screenwriting Page — Discusses act structure, including my megaplotter writings. Anyone who puts Orson Welles on the front page of their site is a friend of mine. Have you seen The Battle Over Citizen Kane documentary? If not, you can read the transcript online.
  • How to Write Screenplays. Badly. — Jeremy and Dan pretend to be Uwe Boll and Michael Bay. Or is it the other way around?
  • Jeremy Slater — Jeremy founded the popular site 'How To Write Screenplays, Badly' (see link above). That site is mothballed now, because Jeremy proved to be no good at writing screenplays badly when he sold his spec 'Pet' to MGM. Word of advice: if you meet Jeremy on the lot, don't ask why he's wearing the bear suit.
  • John August — Site tells the story of a Hollywood screenwriter who drinks a few beers, has a few laughs, and then writes the Charlies Angles movies. I forget how the story ends. Go there now and learn from a pro. Then come back. Bring beer.
  • Josh Friedman — Josh wrote Spielberg's War of the Worlds. Brother, did that ending suck, and I'm not complaining about the bacteria (the kid is alive? ALIVE? Why not throw in the 'it was all a dream' ending!). Luckily, Josh's blog anti-sucks bigtime.
  • Mystery Man On Film — Blog run by a powerful enclave of Hollywood A-list screenwriters who work night and day to impersonate a supposed 'mystery man' who blogs incessantly about everything screenwriting. There, now you know. Pffffft. Mystery my ass. The only mystery is, are these blueberries or boysenberries on my muffin?
  • ScreenwriterBones — Philip Morton's blog title holds a subject and a verb, but leaves us asking the question, 'bones what?'
  • Script Reader Tales: The Rouge Wave — The Wave-inatrix can help you avoid a "Project: PASS. Writer: PASS"
  • Terry Rossio's MySpace Blog — You will know Terry, of course, as the writer of Little Ghost Fighters (Philippines: English title). Also, he wrote a popular cartoon called Shrek. And Pirates of the Carribean, starring Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. Kidding, just kidding. Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio rule Hollywood with their superhuman storytelling powers. That seems to be working out way better than the time they tried to rule Hollywood with their colony of vicious (but poorly trained) vampire bats.
  • The Artful Writer — Craig Mazin & Ted Elliott. Go there and "procrasturbate" til the cows come home
  • The Pen is Mightier that the Spork — James Moran, up 'n coming screenwriter behind the cult hit Severance
  • WordPlayer — Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio. The real deal, folks. Read and be thankful.

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