Write a script - and sell it through Lazy Bee!

What do we publish? Lazy Bee Scripts is a publisher of theatre scripts. We specialise in English pantomimes and school plays, including musicals with strong sidelines in plays, one-act drama and sketches, skits and short plays. (That said, the specialism is largely a matter of happy accident: we will consider any plays - but see below!) Most of the material is humorous - but again, that is accident rather than policy.
We also publish scripts for interactive murder mysteries.
Many of the plays and pantomimes feature original music which we publish with the scripts.
We publish scripts written in a recognisable form of the English Language. So far, this is limited to British English and American English, but we are willing to tackle other forms. (Okay, we have also published one script in Afrikaans and one in French, but they are translations, and they started-out in English!)

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