Light Days

Last night I went to see the tremendous production: Lighter Days. This was the second night of a series of productions by Almost Random Theatre

THREE HOURS of thrillers, humour, music and improvisation.


Copied from the programme these were the plays - note how it was a completely different schedule to the previous night:

Why are you still here?

Actors: Mary, Richard                           
Writer: Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

Miriam Dances

Actor: Lixi
Writer: Joel Kaye

Le Type deBrouillard

Actors: Paul, Imran, Angharad               
Writer: Gwilym Scourfield (based on a short story by Birte Milne)

Confessions of an Addict

Actor: Steve
Writer: David Olsen

One minute plays improvised
( Your Order, Birds, I Think Therefore I am)

Writers: Gwyilm Scourfield; Catherine Comfort, David Gregory

Where Fairies Haunt

Actor: Lixi
Writer: Lorna Pearson
Walking on ice

Actors: Lorna, Richard
Writer: Lorna Pearson

Mad Mary Dancing

Actor: Angharad, ‘Voice’     
Writer: Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

Letter to an MP

Actor: Lixi    
Writer: Chris Sivewright


Actor: Lixi, Imran
Writer: Chris Sivewright (But the song is from Youtube)

Now what can be said about the above?
Well, the writers are not beginners. Reading from the programme, many of them seem to have won awards or been short-listed. So, good, tight, interesting scripts. Well, ....OK. It's the Friends Meeting House  which is not that great a venue as there's no blackout,focus lights, sound effects etc etc However overall the evening was just great! Go to the next one at Port Mahon on Monday!

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