Thursday October 30th (Chris)

Tonight we read two sections of two plays. One, the Pentecost play is reviewed here. The picture on the left gives an idea as to what the play looks like when performed. (Click on pic to enlarge)

These links may be of interest:

If you wish to buy the script it's £8.54

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Jenny said...

Hi everyone!
Chris, this is great - thanks so much for setting it up, our little piece of cyberspace.
I enjoyed the first act of 'Arcadia' so much that I went out and bought it on the weekend. Currently on the third act and it's a gem. Great interplay between characters. Plays are blimmin' expensive to buy so I'm happy to lend it to anyone who'd like to read it.
In other news I'm trying to assemble the structure of my stage play. I have the opening scene and some of the dialogue worked out. But I'm still unsure as to what the central event(s) should be, and what sort of form they should take (I'm the person writing a play about 'house-sharing'. Or at least, house-sharing is the frame that holds the narrative up). I suppose for the purposes of writing the first scene I don't need to worry too much about the entire plot structure. Perhaps I'll upload a section here for (gulp) feedback..!