Urgent Notice - and a Suggestion!

First the URGENT notice.


From Shaun

I am so sorry but I have a spectacular bug and am unable to do the class tomorrow (6th) I will try to contact those whose emails I have personally but please pass this on, carpet bomb everyone with the announcement please.

I will add an extra session to the term to make up the course.

Meanwhile, to focus your reading of the two scripts I gave you last week, think about/ write about, these questions for next time:

Ÿ What do we know about the characters at the end of the extract (just factual stuff we are told or we can clearly imply)?

Ÿ What picture have we got of them as people (soft information, what do we think about their personalities, maybe how do we imagine them physically both in appearance and action etc)?

Ÿ What might they know about each other?

Ÿ What sort of relationships might already exist between Septimus/Thomasina, Septimus/Chater? Oliver/ Mrs Pecs

Ÿ What is the tone of the extract (totally comic, comic with an edge etc.)?

Ÿ What simple notes might we give an actor playing each of the parts?

Imp of writer’s notes for actor’s. These are the distillation of your thoughts/feelings for the characters you are creating or in this case, imagining. They are practical notes for performance but they can help you firm up your own ideas about a character. Think especially about tone of voice, any particular body language or way of reacting, way of standing, etc.

Sorry again



The room is probably booked anyway so why not meet up and discuss whatever you've been writing? bring along scripts, ideas etc etc.

Why not use the space and the time?

Having said that I have a bad cough and cold and have lost most of my voice, so won't be coming - but everyone else can.....

You could use this blog and the Discussion List to announce you're coming, share files pre-course etc.

Remember you ALL have the password etc so anyone can approve the comments - you could, for example, approve your own comments.....

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