Actors in search of a play...

We are looking for 3 One Act Plays for our group - we have more women than men and most of the group and 50+ - though we do have 2 younger men and women. Our choice would be comedy - has anyone got anything they can recommend that has been successful - it is just to perform locally not for a festival.

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One person from this website, responded:

"Hey “Linz67″ I may have the script you seek! As an established playwright I’m about to release a freebie one act murder mystery parody, and it’s absolutely fab! Initially I wrote it after being invited to run it’s premiere at the forthcoming London Fringe Festival, but due to other commitments I can no longer do this. It can be minimal set or single set depending on your budget, the characters age ranges are flexible, and alot of fun! I’m looking for a group to take it on for it’s premiere"

Promotional trailer for the royalty-free play "The Cook Did It!"

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