Experimental Plays

Read Bo's experimental plays cataloged here (below), and become his friend.

Puppet Play, One Act Play (164K)

SETTING: The play is split between Big D's dressing room backstage at the Happy Fun Time Show, and Mark's bachelor pad apartment. Mark's apartment contains an overly large television that doubles as a Puppet Theatre. The Time is now.

Happiness Hunting, One Act Play (72K)
Award Winner

(A burnt forest is littered with ash and blackened tree stumps. Happiness enters and gives all the necessary information for the curtain speech)

HAPPY: (Enters) Hello. Good evening and welcome to this performance of "Happiness Hunting". Ok, what do I have to say, oh right, um please turn off your cell phones and pagers, anything that beeps or vibrates, I don't want to know what it is, just please turn it off...

Something New, One Act Play (51K)
Award Winner

Cliff and Dawn are wondering around the stage trying to find their way to the bar. Cliff is nervously trying to lead the way, while Dawn is relaxed and enjoying the situation.

CLIFF: Don't worry, I'll find it soon enough.

Pre Post Eros, One Act Play (52K)
Award Winner

John, Man, and Paul, are seated in three separate and identical booths; all dressed the same, drinking coffee and reading the same paper. Man is in the center booth. Enter Strange Woman. The three men watch her. She sits in booth with Man, he pretends not to notice


Bored Strange Woman speaks

STRANGE WOMAN: Tell me a story.

Two and ½ Pints, One Act Play (25K)

Bo enters stage left carrying luggage, he is well dressed in suite and tie, throughout the performance the suit jacket and tie will slowly be taken off and discarded.

[Speaking to self]

BO: Okay I'm at gate C... need to get too... Level 14B?

Los Variables, One Page Play (14K)

A near empty stage with a large diagram of a tree center stage. XX and XY Enter from Stage Right and Stage Left, respectively. They laugh together hysterically. They stop together. Look at each other and giggle. As they talk they walk towards each other.

XX: Don't you think it is weird?

Sad Hoopla, One Page Play (15K)

An Actress is onstage holding a hula-hoop. An Actor is kneeling before her dressed as a dog.

Dog: Why are we here?

Ferry Terminal, One Page Play (9K)

Bob: Hey you, what are you doing here, the terminal is closed, get out.

The Fabricator™ Comics, Comic Book (315K)

Better buckle your seat-belts boys and girls because The Fabricator™ is about to take you on a ride.

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