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The Date-A-Base Book 2009
Over 1,200 forthcoming historic anniversaries covering the whole year from Jan - Dec 2009. Ideal for writers, journalists, film-makers, editors, producers, researchers, teachers and students. The book contains more than twice as many events per month than our standard listings on this site. You'll never run out of ideas for magazine and newspaper articles, radio and television features, and much more. Just one sale will pay for your book many times over.
printed version: £6.99 (£5.99 for members)
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cover imageWriting Television Sitcoms
Evan S. Smith
This book is a must for established or aspiring writers of sitcoms. Packed with tips from established industry names. Use the author's premise-driven writing concept and you'll never suffer from writer's block ever again.
£8.45* - save 9%

cover imageWriting for Television
Gerald Kelsey
Covers plot, story construction, characterisation, dialogue and comedy. Includes extracts from recent television scripts and information on the latest advances in television production techniques. There is also information on how to market new material, fees and a section aimed at beginners to help them avoid pitfalls.
£8.79* - save 20%

cover imageWriting Science Fiction and Fantasy Television
Joe Nazzaro
"If you've got any interest at all in TV sci-fi, and especially if you've got any ambitions to write the stuff, buy this book." - Dreamwatch Magazine.
£10.49* - save 30%

cover imageRadio Drama
Tim Crook
This book brings together the practical skills needed for radio drama, such as directing, writing and sound design, with media history and communication theory.
Only £18.99!*

cover imageWriting for Television
William Smethurst
Information and advice on all areas of writing for TV, such as: should you plan for commercial breaks, what camera moves should be put in, how should a script be presented and who should you contact? Includes chapters on the opportunities available to new writers, the basics of scriptwriting, and situation comedy.
£8.45* - save 9%

Scriptwriting for the Screen
Charlie Moritz
An accessible guide to writing for film and television. Covers the first principles of screenwriting and advises how to identify and formulate a story and develop ideas to build a vivid, animated and entertaining script. The book introduces the essential skills of writing good drama. Includes many examples, ranging from American Beauty to Coronation Street.
Only £9.99!*

cover imageWriting Television Comedy
Jerry Rannow
Provides an inside view of the process of conceiving, writing and marketing a winning TV sitcom. It offers detailed instructions on getting started, story outline, pitching to producers and creating a show. Tips, sample scripts and exercises are also provided.
Only £9.95!*

cover imageWriting for Soaps
Chris Curry
This handbook covers the specifics of writing for the soaps, and guides the writer through the collaborative process from submitting a proposal and storylining to the finished script and the future of the industry. It also offers advice to readers about how to work in a successful team.
£7.99* - save 20%

cover imageWriting for Radio
Rosemary Horstmann
A guide to everything writers need to know to write for radio: structure of plays and short stories, effective use of music and sound effects, moving characters in sound and space, and interviewing. Also covers possible markets for work, awards open to writers and the writing of commercials.
Only £10.01!*

cover imageWriting for Radio
Shaun MacLoughlin
Hints and tips from an experienced author on how to write for the radio and how to get a play, feature or short story successfully produced. This revised and updated edition includes new material covering the future of radio, the future of audio drama on the Internet, and digital radio stations.
£7.19* - save 20%

cover imageLocal Radio Journalism
Paul Chantler, Sim Harris
This book concentrates on all aspects of local radio journalism, from how to establish a small newsroom on a budget, to planning and developing news stories and preparing bulletins. It explains what studio equipment to use and provides advice on keeping on the right side of the law.
Only £17.99!*

cover imageTelevision and Screenwriting
From Concept to Contract

Richard A. Blum
A practical guide to writing and marketing scripts for film and television. In addition to story, character, and dialogue development, this book also coaches readers on developing series concepts and writing effective script visualisations, and how to incorporate it into television and film script formats. An entire section is devoted to marketing the finished product - how to analyse the market, prepare the script for submission and find an agent. This revised edition includes details of competitions, festivals, and workshops, and websites for screenwriters, with appendices on funding and legal information.
£16.94* - save 9%

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