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The Mind Map Book
Tony & Barry Buzan
Shows how to increase your ability to learn, remember and record or store information. Organise your thinking, make decisions easily, brainstorm, create more ideas in 10 minutes than you could in an hour using traditional methods.
£6.39* - save 20%

cover imageHow to Get Great Ideas
Jack Foster
How to come up with more ideas, faster and easier. Step-by-step guidelines to help anyone generate ideas and take the mystery and anxiety out of the idea-generating process. Great fun, easy to read, and very inspirational.
£7.19* - save 20%

cover imageInstant Creativity
Brian Clegg, Paul Birch
Problem solve, brainstorm, innovate. This book shows how fresh ideas and solutions are within reach, and demonstrates that a fresh perspective can be gained after doing the contained exercises. Not just for writers, this book is widely used in the business world.
£7.12* - save 9%

cover imageThinkpak - A Brainstorming Card Deck
Michael Michalko
A terrific brainstorming tool. Just flip through the cards and ideas start popping up out of nowhere. A fantastic tool for creative thinking, and can be used by anyone, not just writers.
£9.32* - save 9%

cover imageA Kick in the Seat of the Pants
Roger Von Oech, George Willett (Illustrator)
Using your Explorer, Artist, Judge and Warrior to be more creative.
With an entertaining manner, the author gives the nuts-and-bolts of being creative, outlines a four-step programme to help stimulate creative thinking and promote the application of creative ideas, and provides techniques that everyone will find useful.
£8.79* - save 10%

cover image30 Minutes to Brainstorm Great Ideas
Alan Barker
This book starts with the essential rules of brainstorming and goes on to offer some other practical techniques that will help you generate new ideas. The author shows you how to make your brainstorming sessions effective, productive and fun, and provides ideas and advice on brainstorming alone or in a group to come up with ideas that really work.
Only £3.00!*

cover imageFive Star Mind - Games and Puzzles to Stimulate Your Creativity and Imagination
Tom Wujec
This interesting book describes how you can be more creative. The author divides this creativity process into 8 phases, drawing a metaphor from cooking food: appetite - hunger for ideas, gather - collect ideas, cut - analyze ideas, mix - combine ideas, cook - concentrate on ideas, spice - season ideas, taste - evaluate ideas, and digest - assimilate ideas. Within each of these he gives you valuable tools you can use.
Only £8.52!*

cover imageWhat If? : Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers
Anne Bernays, Pamela Painter
Widely used by creative writing classes, loved by tutors, this book is full of exercises designed to guide you through the writing process and put your ideas into practice. Guaranteed to improve your writing!
£7.67* - save 9%

cover imageStory Starters
Lou Willett Stanek
How to jump-start your imagination, get your creative juices flowing, and start writing your story or novel. Packed with good, sound, exciting advice, this book has so many story starters you'll be spoilt for choice.
£6.87* - save 9%

cover imageThe Writer's Partner
Martin Roth
1001 breakthrough ideas to stimulate your imagination. A comprehensive collection of plot twists, characterisations, regional dialects, occupation-specific dialogue and much more. A quick and easy reference tool that will save you hours of research whatever your genre.
Only £12.18!*

cover imageCracking Creativity
The Secrets of Creative Genius

Michael Michalko
This books shows how creative people think - and how to put their secrets to work for you. The author has researched hundreds of history's greatest thinkers - from Leonardo da Vinci to Pablo Picasso - and shows you how to apply their strategies in your own life. A fantastic overview of creative thinking.
£10.97* - save 9%

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