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Writing a Play
Steve Gooch
A practical guide to play-writing, from the original idea through plotting, structuring, characterisation, dialogue and rewriting to successful realisation. Presenting and marketing your play, working with theatre groups and your rights as an author are also covered. This revised edition includes a new chapter covering stage realism.
Only £9.99!*

cover imageThe Art of Dramatic Writing
Lajos Egri
In this advanced book the author offers an approach to playwriting based on the natural law of dialectics. Don't buy this book as your first introduction to dramatic writing, but if you've read the beginner's guides this will take you way beyond.
£7.16* - save 20%

cover imageThe Crafty Art of Playmaking
Alan Ayckbourn
With over 60 plays written and staged, many playing in the West End or the Royal National Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn's expertise on writing and directing plays is unsurpassed. Here, he shares his tricks of the trade. From helpful hints on writing (Where has your play come from? Where is it going? How does it get there? What is comedy and how do you write it? What is tragedy and how does it work?) to tips on directing (working with actors and technicians, when to listen to the experts, how to cope with rehearsals), the book provides a complete primer for the novice and a refresher for the more experienced.
£11.99* - save 20%

cover imageTeach Yourself How to Write a Play
David Carter
A reference for the aspiring playwright. It covers the writing of stage, film, TV and radio plays and gives guidance on ideas, dialogue, plots, exposition and climax. It also discusses putting on the play, including self-production, marketing and the financial aspects.
£5.59* - save 20%

cover imageThe Dramatist's Toolkit
Jeffrey Sweet
This is a practical guide to being a working playwright. The author discusses such matters as: the building blocks of playwriting; how characters relate to one another; the differences and similarities between musicals and plays; and screenwriting versus playwriting.
£7.67* - save 9%

cover imageThe Art & Craft of Playwriting
Jeffrey Hatcher
A thoughtful and intelligent approach to understanding and analysing plays, as well as practical, creative suggestions for writing. Includes an excellent recommended reading list.
£8.24* - save 9%

cover imageSolving Your Script
Jeffrey Sweet
Tools and techniques for the playwright.
£9.01* - save 9%

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