Large office with copier, several laptops, general furniture and a man asleep John Porterloo slumped over his desk. The office is probably on the fifth floor with panoramic view over Kensington Park.

Telephone ringing and sound of window cleaner being lowered from roof.

John What, what, what the hell. picks up phone Who's that for God's sake its the middle of the bloody night go away.

Sees window cleaner Irishman Micheal bangs on the window

Micheal Hello sir and what would you be wanting?

John Your name my angel and when do we leave?

Micheal Oh now sir you've caught me there.

John I'm coming out Micheal and well go up together

Michal Sound of window being shut No No sir you stay there sir. Micheal uses mobile
Mr Lord oh for Gods sake we have a fellow here that doesn't finish sentences!


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