Help Needed with Poetry Competition

You may or may not know that I run a poetry competition - the Faringdon Online poetry competition, and, as its name suggests it is 'online'

To this end I use a web form, you can see it here
poetry entry form

The arrangement I have with the adjudicator(s) is that I display the poems, minus any identifying features, on web pages to which only the adjudicators and I have access.

I also have to produce for admin purposes a database, [I use access] with poem title, author, email address and in addition, an email address contact list [oulook] for all the contestants.

Following that I then have to convert the winning poems and those which are to be included in the accompanying anthology into .pdf, [I convert with 995] to send to the printer and for the selection people - who need hard copy to make the anthology selection.

All of which is fine, when there are only fifty entries. Now there are 550+ entries and quite likely to double this coming year.

So: my question is - does anyone out there know of any software that would make all the above more streamlined?
In particular - I cannot cut-and-paste the poems from the HTML form without destroying the formatting so the hapless entrants have to add their own code as per instructions which leads to many mistakes. Is there any software that allows formatting to be retained and added to web pages, word docs etc. ?


Incidentally, If anyone wants to read the winning entries they can do it here winning poems
Or see/buy the book, it's here book page

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