New course?

1 Arrange six meetings at fortnightly intervals.
2 Agree a steward for each meeting
3 The steward decides a play [not their own]
4 The steward posts ads for actors to play roles in play with summary script
5 Play is then read at a workshop seesion.

Of course it would be possible for a steward to arrange a theme instead of a specific play. We would need to pick a venue as convenient as possible for all participents.

All those in favour....


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Writers' Block said...

Sounds like a fun idea. But do you mean a 'new course' or an ad-hoc group which would have workshop sessions? I think the latter? I've been on a couple of other creative writing courses where we tried to carry on at the end of the course, but my experience was that they fizzled out after a meeting or two, mainly becasue of a lack of structure and someone who was prepared to lead the groups, plus of course, others who were prepared to be led....